Designer, Tobias Battenberg, projected huge Akzidenz Grotesk letterforms on urban surfaces such as underneath an overpass, on chain-link fences, and concrete pillars.

The juxtaposition of the ghostly, white, see-through, crisp letterforms to the gritty urban textures is very visually pleasing. Plus, I will just go ahead and say that Akzidenz is probably my favorite typeface–it has a crispness and cleanliness that I think outshines even Helvetica; it has everything to do with tail of the capitol ‘R’ and the terminals of the numerals.

Projecting typography on various surfaces can be a very cool experiment that I would love to try.

The Graffiti Research Lab of Manhattan takes this idea one step further and adds an interactive component to it: projector/laser graffiti. It allows the user to create a graphic element basically anywhere, on a huge scale, allowing for a massive audience.

This idea of creating or projecting something for all to see without much choice definitely appeals to me. I like the idea of challenging people–for better or worse–and creating spectacle. This use of spectacle in this fashion was first written about in Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle, along with the use of détournement–using spectacle to break through disillusionment caused by the ever-present spectacle of mass media and marketing. Détournement is something I would definitely like to employ when it comes to my thesis work.



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