The Bubble Project

The coolest experimental design stuff that I have seen done by any one designer is that of Jil Lee’s. He has a ton of work on his site, all of which has some merit to it. His site itself is rather well organized.

Of all of Lee’s work, however, one project really shines: the Bubble Project. If you live in/around New York City, you might have seen one of the many installations of the Bubble Project; I use the word “installation” lightly here.

The idea of putting up stickers–or some form of easily replicated/mass produced display–that interacts with the public somehow is very awesome. This idea is also explored in the projected graffiti stuff–a large scale display that is viewed by many passersby.

Even though I know Mason Gross people tend to look down upon graffiti influence, I rather like stencil art–both visually, as well as the idea of it. The ability to quickly replicate a visual/textual object on a wall in a public setting is very appealing and can be very powerful; even poorly executed graffiti is seen by many if it is in a prominent enough location. This means that graffiti, especially stencil based graffiti is very much a form of graphic design.

Now if there is a way to marriage digital technology with interactivity with the mass production/social aspect of graffiti, with the idea of rebellion and detournement, then that’s the ticket to how I want to approach my thesis.



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