Here is an awesome project by Kacie Kinzer, a grad student at NYU’s ITP, the interactive design program at the Tisch School of Art (the school that I would love to attend some day). The project is called Tweenbots, and is an awesome take on interactive design in the urban environment.

Kinzer crafted two small, smiling, cardboard “robots” that roll around New York’s Central Park. Each robot (it’s not really a robot, as it does not take in commands and respond to them) has a motor and a set of wheels which allow it to move in a straight line. Attached to the back of the bot is a flag with a set of directions on it that humans can choose to read or not read. When encountered in the park, humans can choose to interact with the bot and send it motoring in the right direction.

Although there are not objective traits to keep track of in this particular project/experiment, it is definitely fun, as who wouldn’t want to play with a little smiling cardboard robot-thing motoring around Central Park? It would be interesting just to see what kind of people choose interact with the bots. Also, one could observe whether or not those interactions are positive or negative. If this experiment were taken further, results could be recorded, and charts and graphs could be drawn up to visualize the general friendliness/aloofness/cruelty of New Yorkers in Central Park. Interesting.



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