Jed Fielding at Andrea Meislin

Jed Fielding’s Look At Me exhibit consisted of numerous 15×23 black and white portraiture photographs of children at a school for the blind in Mexico City. The photographs focus very much on facial expression, with special attention to the eyes, and where the eyes of the person being photographed are “looking” or directed to. Many of the photos have limited, or no (a black sheet is used), background whatsoever. If there is a background, it is often reduced to a texture—such as cracked concrete floors or stippled cement walls. Although the intent is to show an intimate glimpse into these underprivileged childrens’ lives, the photographs rather illicit a sense of voyeuristic curiosity in the viewer, as the photographed subjects appear strange and distant, lost in their own world.

I very much like the formal play of light in Fielding’s photos, however, the exhibit made me feel like a stranger, and ultimately, an intruder.



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