“Seven Days In the Art World”—Ch. 3 “The Fair”

Five points of interest on chapter 3 “The Fair”, from the book Seven Days in the World by Sarah Thornton:

  1. Art collectors seem to not care about the art, merely the price tag.
  2. The art-collection culture seems entirely too far removed from the culture of artists and art making.
  3. Uber-rich art collectors raise the market value of particular artists’ work, thereby making that artist a “hot” commodity. This, seems (to me at least) to hurt the overall art economy—not help it—as it devalues the work of other artists, who essentially become business competitors. These other artists, who are the majority, then find it harder to sell their work. Therefore, the art economy is determined by, and rests upon the sole shoulders of rich people and families who seem more interested in making a financial investment as opposed to an artistic one.
  4. Art as a business seems to be counter intuitive to the idea of art as a social vehicle.
  5. Philippe Segalot is a jerk.



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