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So one of the latest assignments in my graphic design class was to find at least two texts and three images and basically write briefly about how they inspire you/ why you are interested in them. As I find various articles/web sites/images that somehow affect me, I will post about them here in this blog.

For starters, cloud computing. For those of you who don’t know, cloud computing is basically server side computing, as opposed to local computing.

Cloud computing occurs when one accesses a program–say, an email program such as Gmail–over the internet. The actual program being accessed is stored on a server as opposed to your hard drive. This setup allows for many users to access the same program from wherever they have internet access. Ok, so maybe this doesn’t sound like big news, however, with mobile internet technology and faster networks, cloud computing is going to be the way of the future, or so BusinessWeek states. In a few years–maybe sooner–we are going to be able to say goodbye to a lot of programs that we take for granted on our hard drives such as word processors, presentation programs, spreadsheet programs, music programs, etc… The faster the networks get, the larger the programs we can store server-side. Other than freeing up hard drive space, cloud computing will allow the use of small mobile internet devices to access these large programs since they do not need the large drive space or processing capability to run them.

This new device/software revolution will have a huge impact on design. As already seen in the iPhone “App” business, designers will be needed more and more to be able to create slick applications for mobile devices to access server-side information. With faster connection speeds, the market for apps will grow enormously and competition will be fierce. Money will favor those apps with logically flowing visual design.