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It’s been a while since I have posted anything on this blog, whatsoever. Over the next few weeks this will change. This is due to the fact that this blog will be utilized for two (but potentially three) classes I am currently taking: one being a design seminar course and two/(three) being my thesis class(es). So not only will I be posting weekly updates on my thesis process leading up to a final project, but I will be uploading posts related to articles and images dealing with issues in contemporary design—more specifically, graphic design.

Hopefully, I will also have the time and motivation to put up some non-class-required blog posts as well—obviously relating to design, and what-have-you.



Note to self, of sorts

I need to work on making my posts a bit more terse.

The Thesis Inspirations post is timestamped at the wrong time; at the time it was written I had not yet changed the blog’s relative time. It should actually be the very first post. Not the 7th or 6th or wherever it ended up.