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Monograms have been around since medieval times. They were first used by craftsmen and guilds to mark their products—often times these products would be furniture, metal tools, etc… Nowadays, they are primarily used as logos for large companies, design firms, and often, an identity mark for the individual designer. See the Wikipedia page on monograms here. Continue Reading »


In order to increase my credibility as a designer, I am taking a web authoring course this semester to build a portfolio website. I know a bit of flash and a decent amount of java programming, however, my html/css stuff is a bit lacking. Hopefully, this class will really reinforce my html knowledge.

The first project for the class was to build a bio web page for yourself using only html and a text editor, but then to subsequently soup it up with a separate CSS file. My page is still rather basic, however, I aimed for cleanliness. And even though cleanliness was my ultimate goal, I found it rather difficult to keep an organized system when there were more than a few requirements; we needed at least one bullet-point list, one table, three images, 500 words, etc… Till next time,


moodline logo

So, the assignment (the first given in my design class) was to document something—anything—for 24 hours, and present that item or object or what-have-you in some format—any format. As you can see, this was a very open project. My solution to this project came out as Moodline, an internet application/web site. Check it out yourself by clicking on the logo image above.